Welcome to our very first blog post. So the past month has been about rebranding a company that has existed for 10 years. Like they say business is not for the faint hearted, phew it’s been quite a ride. It was time to hit the refresh button since we have morphed into something better.

It’s strange doing all this for my own company when I’m usually on the other side doing this for my clients. I realised after all this time that, anything as in life too, the more you invest, the more vested you become in its success.

I have been in the world of Marketing and Advertising for well over 2 decades now, lol, so there goes my age. To be honest I would not want to do anything else, I wake up everyday grateful to be in a creative atmosphere that really let’s me be me. Authentic- that’s the word for this first post. Be authentic and everything else will flow naturally. As a brand, as a person just do you and trust me you will attract the right sales and energy. Besides, pretending to be something you are not is so very exhausting.

Guys, I’m gonna keep these blog posts very real. This isn’t a brag session on what a wonderful company BrightSpark is but rather I want this to help you understand better the world of branding. It will be a journey through the  struggles of this highly pressurised yet rewarding world. From trying to meet deadlines, to pulling off exciting branding events for clients. We will share authentically the challenges and solutions.

So look out for our posts.